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Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, this customizable smoothing treatment actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is smooth, frizz-free hair with radiant shine for up to 12 weeks!* READ MORE

Asked for by name and loved by stylists, celebrities and influencers worldwide, Brazilian Blowout transforms frizzy, damaged and unmanageable hair into smooth, healthy, easy-to-style strands for up to 12 weeks. Utilizing a proprietary polymer system and a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex, Brazilian Blowout effectively smooths and seals the cuticle and is fully customizable so you can keep curl/wave or achieve the sleekest result possible in as little as 80 minutes. A Brazilian Blowout once every 10-12 weeks eliminates frizz, protects against seasonal damage and cuts daily styling time in half for all hair types and textures. 
Customizable - Keep and define your curls OR go for a sleek and smooth look.
Great For All Hair Types - Wavy, straight, curly or coily? If you’ve got frizz, we’ve got you covered!
No Wait Period - The minute you leave the salon you can immediately wash your hair, exercise, put it in a pony tail or clip without having to wait days to do so.
Color + Smooth The Same Day - Perform any color service prior to the treatment to help lock in and prolong color life.
Finished In The Salon - In 80 minutes or less you get smooth, frizz-free hair for up to 12 weeks.*
Cuts Blow Dry Time In Half - Spend more time doing what you love and less time styling your hair.
Less Product - On average, 1/4 oz is enough to perform one treatment.
No Line Of Demarcation With New Hair Growth - Great for transitioning from Japanese straighteners, relaxers or keratin treatments.
Blend Extensions - Helps blend natural hair with remy hair extensions for a seamless look.

Remember Brazilian Blowout is a 3 Step Process:
Step 1: Ionic Cleanser
Step 2: Original Solution
Step 3: Ionic Bonding Spray

All are required to perform a proper Brazilian Blowout.

*Using Brazilian Blowout aftercare products ensures the longest-lasting results.

Ease of Use 4.9 / 5.0
Benefits 4.9 / 5.0
Results 4.9 / 5.0
Would Buy Again 4.9 / 5.0
  1. Ashley M.

    Clients say I’ve changed their lives!

    My clients all LOOVE this product/service. They literally tell me each time that I have “changed their life!” I love knowing I’m making such a difference by applying a product and giving them super manageable hair that they enjoy so much!

  2. Yumi Y.

    The most effective smoothing treatment product on the market

    I've been using this product since 2009. Since I am a product junkie and my clients are experimental, I've tried literally every single smoothing product sold on the market on my clients. Even though the current formula does not work as great as the original formula, this is the only product that works for any hair, except for extremely kinky curly hair. Easy to use, no sticky feeling after application, the most effective smoothing treatment product on the market.

  3. Quyen N. 

    Yes. I will

    I’m been used it for 6 years already for my clients. All they are happy

  4. Elizabeth

    I barely need to style my hair!

    I love the feel and texture of my hair after the service. I love the fact that i can wash my hair the next day and not wait three days. I wake up and hardly need to style my hair after washing. I can't wait to have it done in three months.

  5. Brittany H


    Since being certified with Brazilian Blowout my clients have been so much happier with their results! This is a product company I fully believe in and I'm so glad to be providing this service to my clients!

  6. Sonia R

    2nd Avenue salon

    I absolutely love the proven results i wish that you guys would have a different shipping method other than UPS as i dealt with them all day and almost didn't get my product like i needed to for 3 of my clients. Issue was said they stopped into my shop on a closed business day but i knew it was arriving and the guy said he came in when he didn't. So i was forced to pickup at store and then the workers there were to lazy to contact the driver for updates on location and times the box would arrive back. Returned 3 times to pick it up. And never recieved my shipping fee back since i went to get it

  7. Rebekah S

    Love it !!!

    Okay let’s be honest everyone has bad hair not a stylist lol we just make it so easy for people to have great hair with this product. I can’t tell you how amazing it has made clients hair. The express is an amazing intro to the real deal! I’m so glad I was able to attend a class and look forward to more education on new products and anything else.

  8. Erin O'

    Barely need to style

    My hair has always been frizzy. I would always need to dry & flat iron it to smooth it. I have very thick hair so styling would take awhile. Now I can literally get in the car with wet hair, put the convertible top down & let my hair dry in the wind. Once it’s dry I can brush it & it looks good. I usually do blow dry but now rarely use a flat iron. I’ll always get a Brazilian Blowout professionally done & use the products in between treatments.


    Excellent! This is a very good product and works instantly with the first use. Thank you!

  10. Aicha

    I love this product so much! I did use other smoothing products before but this one is the top. I’ve been use it for my clients and they are so happy with the end result.The Brazilian Blowout leaves the hair shiny, frizz-free and so straight. Definitely recommend it!

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